Image Usage Agreement

All images on this site are for personal/commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable, single run. A single run is defined as 5,000 copies of a single end product within the duration of one year from date of purchase.

The actual digital files cannot be resold or shared in any form, but you can create items for sale. I do not allow the files to be cut and sold/shared as kits, all items for sale must be completely assembled. You can resell the items locally (craft fairs, local resale shops, charity events, etc.), but online resale is only allowed if you have your own website/shop and credit Michael Hassler in a reasonable manner whenever the image is displayed with this text: “Copyright Michael Hassler”. If possible, as a courtesy, you agree to provide a link to Michael Hassler's online portfolio:

Michael Scott Hassler(Hassified) remains the sole owner of the image’s copyright. No transfer of intellectual property is made by this agreement.

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